KOllOK 1991 - Kids On Bikes TTRPG

Matt Mercer & Xavier Woods play in Kids On Bikes TTRPG | KOllOK 1991: Bleach | Ep 19

Episode Notes

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Aabria Iyengar (Laura Bennett): https://twitter.com/quiddie

Lucas Eubank (Billy Baker / Hank Butcher): https://twitter.com/lucaseuspank

Matt Sohinki (Mallory Jenkins): https://twitter.com/Sohinki

Mika Midgett (Embeth Pegg): https://twitter.com/RIPMIKA

Shelby Grace (Mickey Jones): https://twitter.com/shelbygraces


Andre Meadows (Marcus Bennett): https://twitter.com/BlackNerd 

Austin Creed (Agent Jonathan Blake): https://twitter.com/XavierWoodsPhD 

Hector Navarro (Agent Ben Rayner): https://twitter.com/Hectorisfunny 

Jack Douglass (Baily Mickey): https://twitter.com/jacksfilms 

Matthew Mercer (Agent Simon Felders): https://twitter.com/matthewmercer 

Meghan Camarena (Agent Skye Hawkins): https://twitter.com/Strawburry17

Character Art by Monica Magaña: https://twitter.com/MonicaM_art

Music by Alex Niedt: https://twitter.com/AlexNiedt


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